A place of concentration

Designed and made for a Barristers chambers, ‘Brief’ is a place of concentration and hard work.

Bringing together 10,000 year old Ancient red gum and salvaged desert acacias Gidgee and Brigalow around a severe modernist rectilinear aesthetic. I wanted to make something of pure power and beauty. That explored the deep time complexity of Ancient red gum and the extraordinary physical properties of desert acacias. Brief has four secret drawers. ‘Brief’ marks a significant technical moment in my craft. The product of years of research, testing and experimentation. As a craftsman I look at this desk as a triumph.

Ancient Red Gum, Gidgee, Brigalow, Celery Top Pine
2700 x 960 x 780 mm
Acquired by the National Gallery Canberra
Jeremy Dillon

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