Tread lightly

Lightly through this life

Jet black, four drawer side board made from 10,000 year old Ancient red gum. A deep time vessel.

You may read it as stone or steel or stained. But look closely. Touch it. It is wood. You can see the grain and feel the warmth. Working with a material that is so old is a privilege and a challenge. There are all sorts of technical issues and cultural skill deficits that must be wrestled with to make with ancient red gum. In doing so I am attempting to tread lightly through this life. Thus the little shoes. Lost wax cast sterling silver drawer pulls and feet made by Jeweller Katherine Bowman are there to touch the earth and the hand. Tread lightly my friends.

Ancient Red Gum, King Billy Pine, Tasmanian Myrtle, Lost Wax Cast Sterling silver
L 2100 x D 450 mm x H 750
Private collection
Fred Kroh

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